Is Search Engine an overrated media?

Search engines are one of the oldest forms of earned media vehicle which advertisers have been capitalizing upon and this is even before social media came to existence. Though the media has lot of precedence in converting impressions into money paying customers but still a lot need to be harnessed.

With revolutionary changes happening in the way online users discover products & content on search engine but still the pragmatic forms of strategy have more relevant. Brands have not gone ahead to measure the equity behind promoting their businesses on search engines. In present context even lot of the brands are just looking for ranking on search engines but they are still not looking at the broader value of the media has to offer.

Search engine as a media which can help you do things like:

1. Calculate the share searchers mind share your brand has already captured and identify ways to improve that

2. Media help you reach your customers on every micro moment in the his/her buying journey and even before they actually make a purchase.

3. .Build everlasting brand recall and even can help you transform your brand into an icon

4. Many…more to follow

Other than what you can do with the media, you can also plan strategies specific to the media based upon the stage of buying cycle your customer is. With evolving paid media opportunities which Search engine platforms like Google & Yahoo are offering would also help marketers to harness the full potential of the media.

So it actually needed a better understanding of not only algorithm but also need an understanding the whole idea of offline promotion which can help you harness the full potential of this underrated media though many digital marketers started saying the search engines have lost sheen.

Written by Sudipto Mahindar, Business Head-Figrative Digital