Ground combat solo training

I’ve been planning this article from some time now, since I did my first solo ground combat training on the busy floor of my home gym.

Its been almost a month since that session and during that time I’ve done it a couple of times.

Why I’m emphasizing this? Well, its a first for me. I’m kinda used of shadow boxing or solo standing drills. I’ve been doing them for some time. Ground combat , well that’s a new area for me.

The ground, or the deck, its a new dimension for me. The rules and movements are different from the standing game. The way your body moves and attacks is different from when you are on your own two feet. Solo training ground combat is something I really haven’t seen much in the wild.

It was an experiment for me.

And it was successful.

Let me tell you a shadow ground fighting session is much harder then the equivalent stand up session.

Originally I’ve started with this workout:

  • 10 min slow warmup (basic ground stances and strikes) 30 sec rest
  • 10 min active warmup (trap and roll BJJ drills, solo)
  • 2x1 plank (standard plank workout) 30 sec rest
  • 20min (1min:1min) on the ground execute for 1 min a kick and for 1 min a strike (basicaly a striking and kicking interval session)
  • 2x5 shadow ground fighting (45 sec rest)

The best part of the session was the 2x5 shadow ground fighting section. I just flew over the floor and it was really physically tasking. I fell to imagined attackers, I grasped them into a full guard, attacked and escapted their submissions, rotated and changed directions as fast as I could.

Contrary to the fears I had, you can really effectively train for ground combat solo.

Of course, best to find a partner. But if needs must, you can roll and fight with your self. On the ground.

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