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There’s a book on my bookshelf I read a while ago (The Brain Electric) that reminded me of my obsession with all things ‘neuro’. I’ve always been fascinating with how our brain defines us as humans, yet in many ways, we know very little about it.

The book illustrates the field’s exciting potential not only to aid the disabled but to enhance human abilities altogether. It appears possible that even healthy people might someday have the option of merging their brains with computers.

We need to start somewhere to get to a future in which people will communicate with…

Introduction to Protocols

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We’re going to build a simple memory card game that I find very straightforward and fun to play. And hopefully we can learn a little bit about classes, and Swift’s protocols in the process.

Before jumping into the coding part, let’s look at how to play this game.

How to play Memory Card

We collected data from 30 women who worked in Puerto Rico at some point in their careers, and here are the results.

This article was originally published in Programadores de Puerto Rico, en español. (April, 2017)

by Lincy Ayala

Talking about diversity and inclusion in Puerto Rico is challenging, as we haven’t made much progress in the conversation. In the United States, for better or worse, headlines about minorities, people of color and women in technology have appeared everywhere in the past few years. Personal stories of marginalization and harassment, unreasonable salary gaps, stories about discrimination and microaggressions are some examples of what has surfaced. This situation has created a generation of allies who are offended by inequalities, and some are even determined to help…

And how to prototype them in a Playground

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I’ve been interviewing for iOS roles lately. In most cases, I’ve been asked to work on a small iOS app that I have to return in a week so they can review it and hopefully give me feedback. I like this process because you can really show off your skill set, and they can get a true understanding of your coding style and problem-solving abilities (depending on what they ask you to build).

The last one I worked on was for an application that has developed a solid and heavily animated UI. Because of that, one of the requirements in…

With view constraints, using PureLayout

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What to expect

  • Understanding an iOS screen
  • View Hierarchy
  • When to build views programmatically
  • How to organize your code (MVC Pattern)
  • Building custom classes (UIView)
  • An example — the Twitter iOS app
  • !Massive View Controllers
  • Setting our constraints (PureLayout)

Understanding an iOS screen

Any iOS app has a many views. Those views needs four values specified in order to be displayed: x, y, width, height.

“We’re all stories, in the end.” This is a collection of our stories!

“We owe it to each other to tell stories.” One of the biggest reasons we tell stories is to communicate and celebrate our values. Stay tuned to the #include<girls>’s collection for more posts about our community.

“If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten” — Rudyard Kipling

Some time ago I was reading about Hackathon Stories by Tess Rinearson, why they’re important and how we can make them happen. More recently I came across with this other publication: Write your Hackathon Story by Taylor Barnett from Ladies Storm Hackathons, that is also great!

So I decided to write my own.

I want to do this by going through my top five points in the list presented bellow. This is what hackathon’s organizers wanted for the hacking community in 2014. …

non-profit to support women in tech at Puerto Rico

#include<girls> is the first nonprofit organization in Puerto Rico with the mission of encouraging and supporting women’s academic, social and professional development in Computer Science. By creating a community for women in computing, we aim to promote diversity and inspire women to pursue studies and careers in our field.

There is a culture among women in tech that everyone is aware of but none of the different approaches to close the gender gap attempt to resolve. It creates the idea that women need sort of a separate universe in which women can be tech professionals. …

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