These spaces will continue to be necessary until all people truly feel welcome & comfortable in “mainstream tech spaces”, regardless of their gender identity.
Clothes Make the (Wo)man
Shriya Nevatia

Great article, Shriya! Thanks for sharing. Although I understand the importance of building up our confidence in a supportive environment, I don’t think that all people are going to truly feel welcome and comfortable in tech just by attending to women-only tech spaces.

While they discuss crucial issues about gender in tech, they aren’t getting men involved in it. We should encourage interconnectivity as it’s a dual issue and should be addressed like it. We should promote anti-discrimination environments to a wider audience. That way both (women and men) get to feel welcome and comfortable no matter what they wear, or that’s how I see it.

It is an inspiring and fun industry indeed! thanks for all you do to make it more inclusive and welcoming. :)

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