and other real-life science fiction stuff

Introduction to Protocols

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How to play Memory Card

We collected data from 30 women who worked in Puerto Rico at some point in their careers, and here are the results.

by Lincy Ayala

Context outside Puerto Rico

And how to prototype them in a Playground

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With view constraints, using PureLayout

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What to expect

  • Understanding an iOS screen
  • View Hierarchy
  • When to build views programmatically
  • How to organize your code (MVC Pattern)
  • Building custom classes (UIView)
  • An example — the Twitter iOS app
  • !Massive View Controllers
  • Setting our constraints (PureLayout)

Understanding an iOS screen

“We’re all stories, in the end.” This is a collection of our stories!

non-profit to support women in tech at Puerto Rico

But we don’t want to stop there

Xiomara Figueroa

Software Engineer and CTO of @BookSloth • I enjoy reading and running • Currenlty 🔒ed down in 🇵🇷 • Hablo español

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