My Favourite VR Experience: Altspace VR

I personally believe that Social VR is going to be a game changer, and that the Altspace VR platform is currently the best of breed in this exciting space. VR can be an isolating experience, so the feeling of community and making new virtual friends from around the world in this experience is what really sets it apart from the majority of VR games and tools I’ve used to date.

What is Altspace VR?

From the Altspace VR website:

AltspaceVR is the leading social platform for virtual reality. Meet people from around the world, attend free live events, and play interactive games with friends. Day or night, there’s always someone to hang out with.

Altspace VR Highlight Reel

Why is Social VR important?

Of all the various VR games I’ve played so far, this is the only one that has kept me coming back and logging some serious hours. Why?

As previously mentioned, one of the biggest complaints about VR is that its an isolating experience. Players wearing a headset and earphones are cut off both visually and audibly from their surroundings, including people in the same room.

Altspace VR and Social VR in general change all that. As soon as you enter the first “Welcome Room”, you can hear real live people talking and conversation. The UI is pretty intuitive so you can work out how to unmute your own microphone pretty quickly and start meeting people from all over the world.

Another Highlight Reel

The more you play and people you meet, the more Altspace VR starts to feel like a second “virtual” life. This is where we start to get into escapism and the nature of human interaction which in itself is a fascination topic. See the video below for an example of this (I actually met this couple in Altspace and was fascinated by their VR relationship):

VR Wedding

I can see a future where a lot of people are spending the majority of their waking hours in Social VR.

The Verdict

Play it. Play it now. You will have a fantastic time meeting new friends and learning from people all around the world. Just keep and eye on the time in the “real” world and stay grounded in reality!