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This day, unlike any other day we were buzzing with excitement from the news. Our Cacao producers were coming to our factory! Mr. Ban from MOA was bringing them. We usually only see them at the farm or the Agriculture station. A big deal for us as it has been our dream to show them how their cocoa beans are produced to Fiji’s finest premium chocolates. …

Second Blog is up! Follow up on our side of the 2016 Cyclone Winston Journey and our plan for the future cacao farmers.
Happy New Year everyone!

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Cyclone Winston damage

Cyclone Winston Recovery for Fiji Cacao farmers

This post focuses on Fijiana Cacao’s Cyclone Winston recovery journey to aid Cacao farmers, families and villages and the rain forest itself. Read about how we helped cacao farming villages to recover from the enormous damage caused by Cyclone Winston. We also share our Cacao Entrepreneurship plan for future cacao farmers.

Find out more by reading this blog post and help support the Fiji Cacao farming industry by buying Fiji-made…

It’s been a really busy year for us, as we’re recovering from Cyclone Winston crop devastation whilst keeping up with increasing demand for our pure, Fiji-made chocolate.

We’ve been working closely with our Cacao Farmers to improve Cacao bean harvesting — something we feel is essential to ensure sustainable crops and to grow the Fiji Cacao Industry. We’ve created a post-harvest fermentation toolkit for use by farmers, which helps them produce higher quality beans and fetch premium prices for their cacao.

Fijiana Cacao

Chocolate company based in Fiji. We create single origin luxury chocolate in paradise!

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