Things You Must Know Before Buying Properties in Fiji Islands

Are you one of those people considering to buy homes at reasonable prices near islands? If it is so, then Fiji can be your ideal destination.

Fiji is a Melanesian country located in the south Pacific Ocean. It lies at about two third distance away from Hawaii to New Zealand, and is an archipelago of 333 sun kissed islands tucked in between the mountains. Its majestic and ever-varied coral reefs attract tourists from all around the world. Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Jet ski tours, surfing, river rafting and kayaking are some of the watersports tourists enjoy here.

The property buying process in Fiji is clear, simple and straightforward. Its an attractive choice for foreign nationals who are looking to buy a property abroad. But before buying a property in Fiji, it is important to do your research on the country, location and also on a Fiji real estate agency. As first time buyers in Fiji can be misguided, if they do not choose an established and reputable real estate developer who have the appropriate permissions and permits to legally build or buy a property for them.

Fiji is the only country in South Pacific islands that allows foreign ownership of land. Foreigners must have the permission of Fiji Trade Investment Board (FTIB) to buy a property or house in Fiji. And purchases of land more than one acre needs approval by the Ministry of Land Fiji.

Here are the three types of lands available in Fiji:

Fiji freehold: The land which can be bought and sold in most areas of Fiji, and approximately 9% of land come under this category.

Fiji native land: The land which can be leased but can never be owned, and are monitored by TLTB (Taukei Land Trust Board).

Fiji crown land: Lands which are owned and can be leased only from the government but found in some areas of Fiji.

Fiji property sales are open to foreign investors, as the country’s legislation allows to buy any property in the country. If you’re really looking for an island with peaceful environment and beautiful sceneries, Fiji is the perfect destination for you. Contact us to get more information on Fiji properties or looking to buy houses quickly.

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