Tips to Find the Best Land Plots in Fiji

Fiji is a beautiful place situated in Southern part of Pacific Ocean. The country is visited by tourists looking for pristine water sceneries, dangling coconut trees, white sand beaches, and adventures activities. This place is perfect for people looking for inner peace in seclusion. People are trying to relocate in Fiji to escape city blues and experience bliss in life. Fiji property sales offer top quality properties for foreigners to buy from the country quickly. But, it is essential to keep certain things in mind for haven buyers while buying properties in Fiji. It is essential to hire an authorized real estate agency while buying properties in Fiji to avoid legal problems. Foreigners can’t own properties in cities as it is reserved for local populations.

Buying properties in Fiji is easy and simple for haven buyers. But, it takes a longer time to process the deed title on properties in Fiji. To enhance speed on processing time and avoid legal problems later, it is essential to hire a government compliant agency. Fiji real estate has grown manifolds in the past few years after returning to democracy. Non-natives need to get work permits and temporary residence to be eligible to buy properties in Fiji. Foreigners need to take permission from the ministry of land to buy more half an acre land in Fiji. The real estate industry is growing and producing investment opportunities for investors in the country.

To build a beautiful home, a good plot of land is required first. It is essential to select a land plot with good connectivity, weather condition, and other basic amenities in life. Native trust land, crown land, and freehold land are three types of land available in Fiji. Haven buyers need to select Fiji freehold to use and resell lands later at will. But, there is only 8% of land under this category and precaution needs to be taken to avoid legal issues later. Make sure there is no mortgages, caveat, and legal disputes are attached with the bought land. Contact our real estate experts to help in buying properties in Fiji at affordable prices.

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