To whom should I say thank you?

I enjoyed my internship so far.

Beautiful people, supportive work environment, never-ending workload. New but it feels familiar to me. Because we are working towards one goal for the company, I feel that shared energy and vision.

My friends that do their internship in other companies are not as lucky as I am. Some work in a startup company, and they didn’t leave the office until 8. The others work in a pretty big company, but they didn’t have work to do, because the company didn’t trust them enough to handle the work. (Ridiculous, right? The company recruited them just to be spectators).

In the first days of being an intern, I was told by my supervisor to be prepared for the tasks and the pressure, because he will be treating me as a regular new employee, not an intern. I accepted his challenge.

I did my job as an IT QC Tester, doing all the work from designing test scripts to conducting UAT. I invite the users, offer them some tea or coffee, print the sign-off documents, and so on. I’m encouraged by my supervisor and my QC team to be as independent as possible.

Being independent means that I learn to do all of my tasks by myself. But if I have difficulties in doing them, I’m always welcomed to ask for assistance from the other staffs. They are all helpful and caring.

All of these knowledge and actions I didn’t know before were enough for me. I didn’t expect to receive some big salary, because on the agreement they said we will not be paid. We will only receive some compensation for transportation and lunch.

So when my intern friend told us (there are 4 interns from my uni) that they already transferred the money to our bank account, we were so excited and surprised. It exceeded our expectation and also our country’s standard minimum salary.

One of my intern friend who lives very far (1.5 hour drive) from the office was relieved when we found out the amount.

A lot of my friends interning in other companies are not as lucky. They receive a half to two-third of what we get, or less.

They don’t get the same great work culture. And they definitely don’t get the same great pay.

I am grateful.

Now, to whom should I be thanking for the money that I get?

Hi, my name is Fike. I am an Indonesian girl. Currently an Information Systems student, I’m interested in many things related and unrelated to technology. I do yoga. I love reading, writing, and knowledge.