Go to the pub today!

So what if it’s a weekday? Just call a few friends and go hang out! No, we are not promoting any pub or drinking for that matter. We are just asking you to take a minute to revisit the importance of friends — and how hanging out with friends is good for your health — both mental and physical.

Move around stuff on your calendar for friends.

Life has become busy. There are so many things to tackle on so many fronts. But, you need to resolve to prioritise friends over say, a pending house cleaning or a TV show you have recorded.

Have 2–3 friends with whom you can share.

You need few friends with whom you can share “psychological intimacy.” At least once a month, you need to share your inner fears, anxieties and disappointments.

Give each other a boost.

Be there to pump up a friend’s dwindling self-esteem, or shattered confidence. You may not be able to solve his problems, but you can definitely just ‘be there.’

Go to the pub today!

Have different friends for different activities, such as going to the movies, or for golf or an impassioned debate on the country’s political status.

Don’t wait for a friend to tell you she needs you. Just keep your antennae on and be there with soup when she is sick.

Never take a friendship for granted. Nurture it.

Keep finding new ‘friend’-sources.

How about joining a library or a gym?

Try social media interest groups, such as a group of bikers or marathon runners.

Meet new people.

Look up interesting events in the city in areas of your interest. Let’s say, a heritage walk, or a book launch. These are good platforms for meeting like-minded people.

Take up a course.

When you enrol for a course, you not only enhance your skills but also get a chance to meet people who can become your friends.

Our changing lifestyles and deteriorating environment are constantly chipping away at our auto-immune systems. Friends make us laugh, adding years to our lives. Research also shows that a 10-minute conversation with a friend can enhance our problem-solving skills and build our mental agility.

So, pick up that phone now and call a friend!