How bad is missing a promotion!

Sanjeev was assured by his boss that he’d get a promotion in the next cycle. But just two months before the crucial period, his boss was replaced. The new boss made a quick, not-so-favourable impression of him. She thought he was too reticent, not pushy enough. Sanjeev’s promotion did not come through. He was inconsolable.

He went on sudden leave without informing his manager.

‘Let her suffer. Let her find out what a critical resource I am.’

And, so he was in Goa, sipping on chilled bear and digging into the best chilly-chicken that beach was know for. He had switched off his phone.

‘Let’s see how they complete the deliverable without me.’

Vengeance is often a knee-jerk reaction we normally have in such a situation. But, if you really calm down and think about it, it does not serve any purpose. Agree, the organization might have a short-term setback. But, in the longer run, the organization is much, much bigger than a single employee. It just moves on. And, what you are left with is just a poor brand you have created for yourself.

The right reasons for quitting cannot be knee-jerk. So, what are the right reasons?

1. Nothing new to learn. At least, nothing substantially new

2. Stress — whatever the cause — an unreasonable boss or badly-managed workloads

3. The lack of stability or growth of the organization.

So, if you are blue from something other than these, do go to Goa. Take leave. Fight for leave, the need arises! Wait for the feeling to go. And get back to work rejuvenated!