Love a good joke? You are smart!

A study by Hauck and Thomas extensively researched three factors: creativity, intelligence, and sense of humour.

Their conclusion was that while creativity and intelligence were independent, a sense of humour correlated highly with both creativity and intelligence.

Yes, if you are funny, you are intelligent!

Howrigan and MacDonald gave a fun task to a group of students — build a character profile based on information given. They rated the responses on their ‘funiness’ and went on to do establish correlations. And, guess what they found — that a sense of humour was related to IQ. And well, it’s not just good, positive humour — even dark humour was studied.

A study in Cognitive Processing says that intelligence plays a key role in the positive reception of black humour!

A study was done using these kinds of (quite dark!) jokes:

Cartoon depicting a morgue where a physician lifts a cover sheet off a body. A woman confirms: “Sure, that’s my husband — anyway, which washing powder did you use to get that so white?”

What they found out was that the group that enjoyed sick humour the best scored the highest in verbal and non-verbal IQ tests, were better educated, and scored lower for aggression and bad mood.

There are entire organizations, like Zappos and Southwest Airlines that have incorporated humour into their daily operations, even customer interactions.

Love a good joke? You are smart!

Humour lightens the workplace, busts stress, builds morale, trust and brings people closer. Often, people hold back humour because they are unsure how it would be received. So, if one wants to build a culture of humour at the workplace, it has to be top-down. If the leader stops by your cubicle to crack a joke, you are immediately assured that being funny is okay. It’s good!

Humour is healthy too! It relaxes the body, boosts immunity, releases endorphins and as per a study in Norway, it also increases longevity.

Of course, the key is in keeping it positive and spontaneous — don’t labour it, don’t read out jokes from the Internet — those may not evoke heartfelt laughter.