Not Meditating on the Mountains

Those passive candidates — the qualified workforce that is not actively looking for a job — where are they? The good news is that they are right where you are looking. In fact, they may be listening to you better than the active candidates. Since they are not spending a lot of time on job search, they may have a more open mind to evaluating organizations, their positioning and brand. What can organizations do to keep a tab on these candidates?

Not Meditating on the Mountains

Idea 1: Dive deeper into your own ATS

Have you been taking your own ATS for granted? It’s time to go back to it. Around 60% of recruiter-submitted applicants are already in a company’s ATS, says one study. You need to look at the filters you are putting while searching your ATS. Are they excluding some good potentials who may be passive at the moment?

Idea 2: Start an engaging blog

Candidates out there do engage around content, and some kickass ideas via a blog presents you as an authority in your field for others to follow. Make sure you are not just talking about your own organization or blowing your trumpet. It is more about coming across smart, intelligent and promising.

Idea 3: Pursue them, flatter them

So what if they are not looking for a job change? No one minds a little attention. If you pursue them, even make an offer, you have won a heart. They will warm up to you and who knows, begin considering you seriously.

Idea 4: Use your employees as ambassadors

Now, this cannot come via establishing a program or a process. If you them to speak positively about your company, just keep them happy. If you are investing in creating a framework around it, maybe you are barking up the wrong tree. Just make sure you, the leaders are sensitive to people’s happiness.

Idea 5: Woo them

Who does not like a little serenade, some roses and candlelight? In this case, not literally, though. Treat your approach like dating. Don’t begin with ‘Are you looking for a change?’ Instead, talk about current skills, talents that are needed in the marketplace or what successful people do that differentiates them.

So, remove your blinkers. Think about it. Make an approach to keep the passive candidates in the fold of your gentle warmth!