We owe our children better than this. We owe ourselves better than this.
Hillary Clinton

Wow! There are enough titles floating around in the opening of the post that it made me think a military roll call was forthcoming.

Obviously, those so-called bishops and reverends know nothing about the Scriptures. Why? Simple. You will not find one verse of New Covenant scripture where any church leader uses a title preceding their name. But the Scriptures contain numerous verse about pride.

Be of the same mind one toward another. Mind not high things, but condescend to men of low estate. Be not wise in your own conceits. (Romans 12:16)

A complete understand about the arrogant use of titles can be found here:

Moving along…Barack Obama would not know Jesus Christ if the Lord sat next to him on Air Force One or in the president’s golf cart.

And when I saw the tag “Black Live Matter” that closed the door to considering any substantive message in the post.

Here in the Philippines there have been over 3,000 extrajudicial killings by police and vigilantes over the past three months. That translates into an average of 42 person per day. Yet, the media here has not posted the first comment about about race or ethnicity. Why? Because it does not play here, but obviously it plays well in the U.S. media. Ironic that the AME church remains silent on the death counts occurring beyond the comfort of their pews.

I almost became nauseous when I saw the picture of these supposed church leaders praying over Hillary. The Democratic party has done nothing to help the black community in general, and the Clinton’s are as far removed God as night is from day in particular. They should have been trying to cast out the demons in Hillary, for they are “Legion.”

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