Axelar network provides a uniform solution to cross-chain communication that meets the needs of both platform developers — no integration work is required from them, and application builders — one simple protocol and API to access global liquidity and communicate with the entire ecosystem.

A core component of the network are the underlying decentralized protocols. Validators collectively maintain the Axelar network and run the nodes that secure the Axelar blockchain. They are elected through a delegation process by the users.

Submissions. This is your chance to create somthing yours.It includes

*Blog post

*Infographic/whiteboard/walkthrough video (made for Axelar)

*Technical/general documentation


*Podcast Episode

*Video covering Axelar (made to share through a third party)

*Translation of existing documentation

*Social group creation (non-english speaking Telegram Discord, etc.) PLEASE NOTE that community run groups already exist in French, Dutch, Thai, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Vietnamese and Spanish.


Amba itself will be in 4 stages
*Stage 1 — until January 16–17, everyone who has done at least something useful for the community will fly there
*Stage 2 — top 300 will distribute NFT and tokens
*Stage 3 — the top will distribute 1000 tokens and NFT
*Stage 4 — top 50 loot 3 k tokens

If you have any questions, comments or just want to learn more, please join Axelar’s Discord and post in the #quantum-community-program-qa channel.

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