Introducing the Filecoin Energy Dashboard

We are increasing the transparency of Filecoin electricity use by allowing anyone to estimate the electricity consumption of any Filecoin storage provider at

Like the security of the global financial system, the stability of earth systems is an existential, civilizational issue that requires extreme transparency, widespread interoperability, and public verifiability of claims

Why Filecoin is Building the Environmental Web

As we remake the Web to include not only the ability to transact but also the ability to trace and verify claims as part of its foundation, it becomes increasingly feasible to model the environmental effects of every online interaction and build verifiable environmental awareness into the fabric of our online lives.

Filecoin’s Electricity Use

The energy use dashboard provides estimates for electricity consumption of individual storage providers and for the network as a whole.

Beyond improving transparency, the energy use model and dashboard presented today enable action



Building verifiable sustainability into Web3

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