eBooks VS printed paper books/Website content

Why to Use eBooks instead of printed paper books or Websites:

1. Many eBooks on the internet are free: the availability of eBook downloads for free has attracted a number of people across the world to go through and find their favorite volume easily without paying any penny. Over 2 million downloadable Google books are enough to explain wideness of eBook reader base.

2. The eBook is a good example of an eco-friendly thing that avoids the use of paper and packaging materials. You just have to log on the book publishing website and after fulfilling the required formalities you can download your favorite subject. The downloadable Google books offer a very convenient way to read a variety of books online or download them in the personal storage. The gadget savvy people who love to read book as a leisure can take the help of ebook downloads for free versions from a reliable website comfortably.

3. Ebooks are equivalent to printed paper books in many ways and they are very popular among the internet users. Initially, they were limited to the software developers, but now many publishing houses have come up in the business of e-book publishing. Authors can also get royalty from the paid downloading websites. On the other hand, free and trial versions are also available for the readers. As far as variety of topics are concerned, you can access ebooks on different topics whether it is novel, fiction, magazine, newsletter, biography, short story, specialized report, historical incident, journey, philosophy, religion, academic text book, or any other subject matter.

Ebook3k.com — eBook share and download:

Ebook3k.com is one of the best eBooks share place. A lot of users share their knowledge and digital materials and you can get them all for free.

The topics this site http://www.ebook3k.com covers:

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· IT & Computer

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Many users from all around the world update their eBooks base daily. As guests, you can download all eBooks for free. But if you want to share your eBooks, you have to register and get permission from the site owners. So the quality of the eBooks is guaranteed.

Users can also rate the eBooks and tell the uploaders if the links are still active. If not, registered users may put their download links or report the uploader or site owners about dead links. The owners or uploaders will update the links as soon as possible.

Additionally, users can also find the popular eBooks and related eBooks. The site doesn’t story any files but link to third-party filehosters like RapidGator, NitroFlare, Uploaded, BigFiles, FileSpace, HitFile, UseNet, oboom, BigFiles.