7 Website to Download Risk Free Software [100% Working Links]

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Aug 10, 2018 · 5 min read

Absolutely free software download internet sites might be dangerous. Pay a visit to the incorrect one and you’re going to encounter bogus malware and virus warnings in addition to bogus down load switches , most which can be malware at disguise. Wish to remain safe? Utilize an Online security package whilst surfing !

However, in addition to this, you ought to stick to triedandtrue websites which can be focused on become without any malware and also disturbance. In this informative article we utilized three tools for assessing a Site’s standing to Rate and distinguish clean websites from dubious websites:

For a site to meet the requirements for this particular specific list, it must score a minimum of 90 percent using Internet Trust, 24/25 using URLVoid, and also receive a Secure verdict in SiteAdvisor. No site can be 100 percent safe, but we’re certain these download web sites are usually clean and rewarding. Top 5 Free Pc Software Download below:

1. Softpedia

2. Filehippo

3. MajorGeeks

4. FilePuma

5. FileHorse

6. SnapFiles

7. DonationCoder

Softpedia : Softpedia is a site from Romania that suggests information and gives mostly software downloads and information. Additionally, it covers science and technology issues from both in-house and external resources, also it provides game and software reviews.

Wherever possible, it comprises one or more screenshots of every application, frequently revealing the program’s menus to help illustrate its characteristics. Unlike the majority of other freeware sites, that are publishing largely only information given by the writer via e.g. Robosoft (a freeware book tool), all product reviews at Softpedia are hand-written by specialist reviewers working for the business itself.

In addition to it, it’s a wonderful reputation along with a easy-to-use interface which makes it user friendly to navigate for drivers and programs of most types — whether Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, i-OS, or even Windows Mobile.

Softpedia reviews comprise equally a 5-star reviewer’s option, in addition to a public 5-star merchandise voting which’s receptive to each site visitor. Softpedia’s products are sorted into a variety of categories, and users may form their category of selection from newest / hottest / most preferred downloads. Virtual awards are allowed and exhibited for spyware, adware and commercial-free software.

Softpedia doesn’t repack applications for supply. It gives direct downloads of applications in its own original distribution type , hyperlinks to programmers ‘ downloads, or even both. Compared to numerous other freeware sites however, Softpedia are hosting themselves. They let to obtain the freeware and shareware products out of their Server, mechanically scanned for malware and viruses, where suitable.

Filehippo : FileHippo is a download site that features computer program for Windows. The web site has sections listing most recently upgraded apps and most well-known downloads, organized by class, with program data and connection. Registration isn’t required. There’s also a FileHippo App Manager, a free app that scans a computer for obsolete software and provides links to newer versions. The site is financed by consumer donations and third party advertisements.

FileHippo is a famous website with over 20,000 active apps broken down to 16 helpful classes across Windows, Mac, and Internet. However, no matter what you do, if the website supplies you with a download manager or whatever like this, skip it and pick the direct download rather.

One thing to notice is that FileHippo provides an Update Checker application, which scans your system and compares all present apps to find out whether any of these have to be upgraded. It is the simplest way to make certain all your applications is always up-to-date.

FileHippo was created in 2004 from the UK-based technology firm Well known Media. The website added a news department in 2014. As of 6 March 2016, FileHippo doesn’t accept applications submissions from publishers.

MajorGeeks : Though the website looks like it is right from the 90s, MajorGeeks has been among the most reliable software download websites for more than 15 decades. When a website has a few thousand users online at any particular time, that is when you know that it’s offering a fantastic service.

Its listing of Best Freeware Picks is a wonderful place to begin, but do not be scared to browse the left sidebar and search through all sorts of highly-rated apps which you may find handy.

FilePuma : FilePuma along with the above FileHippo share a great deal of similarities — and I am not talking about their titles. Where FilePuma excels is in its own categorization, which is far easier to navigate than FileHippo.

FilePuma also includes its Update Detector app to keep your applications current. Quite handy if FileHippo’s tool does not work well for you or if you do not like it for another reason.

FileHorse : FileHorse does not have a large repository of applications. Rather, this website focuses on just stocking the very best and many useful programs and ensuring most of them are free and clean of viruses and malware. It is fantastic for finding popular choices to favorite programs.

SnapFiles : There is little to distinguish SnapFiles from additional free software download websites, but if there is 1 thing I enjoy about this one, it is the”Daily Freeware Select” that is highlighted on the webpage. Should you check in daily, you may sometimes find some really helpful tools and utilities.

DonationCoder : We recently emphasized Donation Coder once we comprised Automatic Screenshotter within our policy of free display recorders for Windows. As you may glean from its title, Donation Coder prides itself on supplying clean and free applications in exchange for nothing but contributions.

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