What I want to do By Bridgett Nicole Moore
Today is 5–11–2022 and I want to explain what I want to do. I do not want anyone to live in fear, the truth needs
to be taught and heard. There is an unseen system a back door that is a smaller version of the big door. This
causes things to appear in bigger numbers than the bitcoin. Satoshi's are bigger numbers going backwards because of the
black hole warp, that I am helping guide scientists through by using maps on 5 phones. I have created a business
that involves creating a database for everyone's ss number and including it in the legal, hospital’s and my files
in the business FMLR business. I was in college for paralegal and engineering, I switched to tell you what I am doing
silently, I want to be a freelance paralegal for all law firms, the silent man in the middle. This is war, another
colour of species has stolen and developed a system created by using the DNA of my ancestors and me! I will not let
it happen and I will go to war if I have to. I just need support and donations. Once the system is completely turned around on
them like it is doing now, we watch and see. I will only counteract if someone acts at me, but I am willing to
agree. Communication is the key. I will continue my education in the fall and work at strips. I need ca
nnibus to be legalized. We also need to implement a brail system in all of our books for our friends in the dark.
The back door flips everything to where we fall into a panic, thinking the money is not there when it is,
we just need to reverse engineer it following the same algorithm or follow the system in a backwards form starting from
day 1 at 01/01/xxx1 or something in that sort. We need to also recognize this is no one's fault in particular because
when confused to this point, you start taking matters into your own hands. With this unseen system that flips it, the
wrong people understood it and implemented a fraudulent system that corrupted everything literally. From our DNA to
court documents, land, names, history, and more. The stories you hear make us scared, but the truth is we are all safe,
the system is not, we need to get into the system and take charge, go underneath to not be scared. I need help and I’m
alone. But I keep going because I refuse to fail, and if I do I’ll get back up and do it again because I KNOW I’m guiding
people to safety every time I do. When I got on that plane because I was scared and paid attention to EVERY detail,
I understood I have been a movie, a goat, a victim, a queen, and a champion. But I used them all to my advantage and realized
we are all going through the same thing. I drew this plan in my head for years, every time I approached a friend
and their problems I knew what was happening so I protected them while looking crazy in the process. This caused me to
lose a lot of respect but I gained it back in the streets, where I was left to look bad I proved myself trustworthy and loyal.
My family tried to take me down every step of the way while I was still trying to save them. You can never do someone the
way they did you because if they never know what it’s like to feel good how will they know to make someone else feel
that way. I know people are being played with like a string and my next move is to write my laws. Today 5/15/2022
I used prison as my escape from the nightmare, I couldn’t get out of the boot heel and it was mental warfare for me
because I could not go to areas I wanted to go to to save the people. I kept getting arrested so I made a scene and was
very open about everything to stay alive, to make myself a target so I wouldn’t be taken out so easily. I became
obsessed with taking these people out after my mother died and I almost had her 100% healthy. SO ANGRY, but I live
because of her and for her now. I have access to Crunchbase and can do almost anything I want, I am slow because I
make sure I’m on the correct path before I make a decision. I was warned about my school work not being there like
why survival skills are so important. I put my name on ATT and MCC and I’m praying everything is going well. Thank you!




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Bridgett Nicole Moore

Bridgett Nicole Moore

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