Fix: Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped (Solved)

Every one know in this era as a Smartphones and mostly have the Android and if you are reading this webpage you might be facing a problem wit your Android Device which pop ups with a message ” unfortunately google play services has stopped ” and you go like ” What ?” . Yes you want to know Why Actually this happen to your phone , also fix this and Want to make this error never again appear on your Android Device of whatever version . So below we have updated with few methods on How to Fix unfortunately google play services has stopped ? . We expect this Tutorial helps and Fix the Google Play Store Error .

Few apps like TutuApp ( was showing error on opening the application. And this is the topic we thought to discuss to help you fix this issue.

Fix “Unfortunately google play store has stopped “

This is a Google Play Store error where unfortunately app get stopped,

Method 1 # : Update Google Play Store to Fix ” Google Play Store has Stopped”

So some times your Google Play Store app gets outdated and it needs to be updated according to the latest updates rolled out by the Google. If your Google Play Store Services app isn’t up to date then Go and Update your Google Play Store . Download the File directly from Google or Go to Application manager find the Google Play store and Update it . This is how you can fix Unfortunately Google Play Store Services Stopped in Cyanogenmod

Method 2# : Clear Cache of Google Play Store Services Application

Cache is the smallest part of memory allows to fast up the system work, sometimes it get overloaded and you get the error like google play services not working . You can fix the error in few steps

  • Go to Settings > Apps.
  • Scroll to All apps > “Google Play Services” app.
  • Open the app details
  • Click on “Force stop” button.
  • Click “Clear cache” button.

After you Clear the Cache in the Google Play Services Store App now you can Go and work with out errors and this fix can help all users of Samsung Galaxy S5 , Galaxy S4 and Google Nexus 4 , Nexus 5

Unfortunately google play has stopped Solved

Google Play Store errors or Bugs are being solved and you can find few more methods to fix the google Play store not working moto G , One Plus one etc ,

Method 3# : Reboot your Android Device to fix Google Play Store Error

Yes , you heard is right , Just reboot your mobile and the process in mobile start from first which can help you to Get rid of the google play unfortunately stopped error

Method 4# : Restore Factory Setting

This is also a Method on How fix Google Play Store services error which you will never like , if you are not getting any fic from the above method , go for this , also try to backup before going with this method

Method 5# :Network connections Settings ( Wifi or Mobile Data not Working )

Some times there will be a problem with the problem with the Wifi connections or mobile Data connection which you need to check it back again and Start using the App .

The Above methods can help you to ” Fix unfortunately google play services has stopped ” error in the LG Tablets, Nexus , Nexus , Samsung Galaxy S5 , Lollipop , Emulators etc and the above methods can solve the error also we ill try to update few more methods to Fix Google Play Store services error .

Comment down your Queries on unfortunately google play services has stopped and we will try to help you out to fix it on your mobile

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