1,000 feet

  • 13,000 new ex-offender arrivals in Houston each year
  • 104 total registered correctional homes, with a max capacity of 75 people each (7,800 total beds)
  1. Remove all distance requirements from parks and schools. Not every ex-offender is a sex offender. Keep stricter distance requirements in place for sex offenders.
  2. Increase distance requirements between correctional houses from 500 feet to 1,000 feet. If the neighborhood residents are complaining about too many correctional houses popping up in their neighborhood, then this type of distance requirement will ensure some geographic distribution.
  3. Create new incentives for the private sector to build and operate quality correctional homes. We need to increase our city’s capacity to serve the ex-offenders that arrive here.
  4. Stop Houston City Council from passing this ordinance as written. They vote next week.




January Advisors & Sketch City

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Jeff Reichman

Jeff Reichman

January Advisors & Sketch City

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