Importing a CSV file into Wordpress with Advanced Custom Fields and Applying a BeaverBuilder Template

This weekend, I had a very specific challenge: I needed to create a Wordpress site from a CSV file, and apply a BeaverBuilder template to each of the pages.

While BeaverBuilder is a great plugin, there are some frustrating limitations. If you change a page template design, it does not update previous pages using that template — it only affects future pages. You can go back to older pages and update the template manually, but that’s a tedious process that takes hours when you have hundreds of pages.

I needed a solution that allowed me to retroactively apply template changes to hundreds of pages that I’m creating from a CSV. There weren’t any articles on the internet about this challenge, so I’m writing this one.

Here are the tools I used:

  • Advanced Custom Fields: this allowed me to create fields in the database that matched the fields in the CSV file.
  • Ultimate CSV Importer : this let me import the CSV and match up the custom fields in the database to the fields in the CSV.
  • BeaverBuilder is a page builder plugin that let me create a drag and drop template.

Here’s how I did it:

  1. I created a BeaverBuilder template that referenced my custom fields using plugin shortcodes (e.g. [acf field="address"]).
  2. I created a new Wordpress template file that contained the following code in the header:

This is telling Wordpress to call a specific BeaverBuilder template by ID number. All BeaverBuilder templates have a post_type of fl_builder_template and you can get the post ID from the template URL in the Wordpress admin.

Find your BeaverBuilder template ID number in the URL after you click Edit.

3. I added a field to the CSV called template and populated it to match the file name of the Wordpress template that I just created (e.g. template.php).

4. I used Ultimate CSV Importer to create individual pages, copy over the fields from the CSV to the Wordpress database, and set the right template automatically.

Gotta make sure that Wordpress template is set properly.

Now, when I make changes to the BeaverBuilder template, it propogates right away without having to “reset” the template in the BeaverBuilder admin. I just have to make sure that the proper Wordpress template is set up on the regular Edit page.

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