As I said, my country gives me real benefits that would not be possible without taxation.
Nicolas Leconte

  1. I grew up in Finland which also takes care of it’s people, but I still feel that taxation is theft. Because all the thing that government provides is not worth the 60% tax that has to be paid.
    I’d rather take my chances and pay 0% tax and have no help nor support from the government.
    And this is why I left Finland and moved to a country with low taxes and almost no social benefits. And guess what? By paying for everything by myself I still end up with more money.
  2. Can’t really say if crime has decrease or not from the 50s or 60s. But the amount or Muslim/African immigrants in Western Europe is very high, and they are huge risk to everyday safety in security.
  3. For example in Finland if an illegal immigrant comes to the country without any documents and some made up fake story about the war, the government will still take him and provide free social care for him so that he will not die. And this is exactly what most of the Muslim/African immigrants do. This is true for many West-European countries as well.