Investor, don’t trust ICO listing sites!

ICO listing sites is a business, not free advice for you.

Many ICO investors give lot of weight to ICO listing sites when making decision about buying ICO tokens. This is generally very bad idea and could cost your whole investment.

Here is why you should not trust ICO listing sites:

  1. They almost always take payment from ICOs, which means small ICOs do not have equal chance of getting listed.
  2. In many cases high rating is bought, and rating of other ICOs is intentionally lowered.
  3. They are often affiliated with certain ICOs or are bribed by high budget ICOs.
  4. Their sole idea is to make profit and provide marketing services for ICOs, not to give you good advice nor provide investment consultation.
  5. Mostly they don’t allow outside experts to rate ICOs.
  6. Just because some ICO listing site is very popular and claim to be honest it doesn’t mean that you can trust it.

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