Security or Utility Token?

There is too much focus currently on whether an ICO has a security or utility token. I read daily speculations about which one is better and ignorant people asking about in which they should invest their money.

In reality it does not matter. There is not only 2 use of tokens, there are hundreds of different uses and all the time new blockchain projects come up with new way to use tokens.

In my opinion only people who want to brag that they know the difference between security and utility token (when there is actually nothing to brag about) are talking about it. To an investor who wants to earn some profit from an ICO it does not matter.

Instead you should rather focus on the necessity of a token and see if it has real life use. Because that is what really matters.

P.S. I know that someone will comment here that in USA SEC treats ICO differently based on if they have security or utility token, and as far as I know that is the case. But like in all cases where SEC is involved we, the rest of the world do not care about that, as it is sole problem of USA residents.