From pivot to pre-launch. Enhance is finally here.

Filip Saric
Sep 24 · 6 min read

Hey guys,

We are super excited to announce that pre-orders for Enhance, our daily neurovitamin, is finally upon us.

This is our second official launch for Neuratech after out first soiree in the market in 2018.

Neuratech was born from the UQ iLab accelerator in mid 2017 where Daniel (co-founder) and I realised the potential of these cognitive enhancing substances, and the opportunity that existed within Australia in 2017.

During the 3 month program, we worked diligently to source a manufacturer, research ingredients, navigate the regulatory landscape (TGA and FSANZ), develop and sample formulas, build the website and determine distribution channels.

We launched prematurely in early 2018. We made a LOT of mistakes when we set out to bring nootropics to the Australian market.

We thought we could do what every company around us was doing. Using mainstream “influencers” to market to a wide variety of audiences. Dumping significant money that we didn’t have into Facebook/IG and google ads.

Getting our product into stores without any real strategy to get it being seen or noticed.

Focusing way too much on random marketing strategies and not doubling down on the product itself or on figuring out who even wanted the product.

That’s when we took the pivot. We took our product Claritea off the shelves and off the market and re-assessed, and I’m extremely glad we did.

We are taking a different approach. New manufacturer, new target market, new marketing strategies, new product, new outlook.

We have spent the past 9 months in R&D for our new product, Enhance.

We have gone through 2 iterations of sample testing with ourselves and some close users. The feedback has been excellent.

We’ve managed to bring in some super unique ingredients like Neurofactor, Cellcharge and Acteolin into our formulation. Awesome.

I was even pleasantly surprised. For a product whose purpose was to provide long term gains in terms of memory and brain health, I felt great. Clear headed, extremely positive outlook all week. No negative effects.

Actually, you should take Enhance with food or a fat source in order to reduce the chance of stomach upset. A lot of herbal extracts can cause some tummy distress, such as Bacopa. Anecdotally around 5% of people can get this.

Bacopa is also fat soluble so consuming with food or fat may actually increase absorption slightly.

We get a lot of messages and enquiries from people who are skeptical about nootropics and supplements in general, asking if we have proven that our products such as Enhance have undergone clinical trials.

The skepticism is fair, and I’m glad people are skeptical. You should be. This industry is whack, and a lot of products are whack, and the way companies that market these products is just downright insane.

Our goal is to be 100% transparent. In everything.

No we have not conducted our own clinical trials, YET.

We started this company just as we were graduating university. This is a massive cost and time constraint.

A startup cannot typically do this — most have very little capital, and no idea whether their product actually satisfies a consumer need. Why would they then go ahead and spend money conducting a trial on a product they have no idea will ever work in the market?

Would we like to prove via clinical trials that our product definitively produces the results we expect? Absolutely. That is our goal and something we aim to do as soon as feasibly (or financially) possible. Clinical trials are the gold standard in proving efficacy, both for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. I believe these two categories should be held to the same standard.

For now, we rely on the research of the individual ingredients to show efficacy for our product. Yes, we do understand this doesn’t account for complex, unknown interactions that may occur between compounds in our exact formula.

Some of this research is also not the highest quality or standard. There are some ingredients, like Bacopa, that do show efficacy in healthy humans. Most nootropics show efficacy in those suffering from some form of cognitive decline (neurodegeneration due to aging or disease).

A lot show efficacy just in rodent or cell models, and we all know that can’t always be extrapolated to humans.

There’s not much we can do here other than tell you exactly what the go is.

We are providing all the research for our individual ingredients on our website. We encourage our customers and viewers to read into the nootropics and other nutritional products they are putting into their body.

Get educated on what these things might help with, or might not help with. Then use this to make an educated decision.

You need to buy from companies you can trust. Companies which don’t use proprietary blends. Companies which show full dosages for each ingredient. Companies which use patented and trademarked ingredients which we know are high quality/purity.

We also want to provide 3rd party lab testing for our products. This is a way to ensure to the end consumer they are getting exactly whats on the label, and there are no other contaminants that occur during the manufacturing process.

We don’t have the scale or cashflow yet to do this, but you can be sure that as soon as we do, we will be implementing it. This is another high quality standard all nutrition and supplement companies should be held to.

So, why should you care about nootropics like Enhance?

Nootropics represent a new category of nutrition and supplements.

We have dietary supplements often found in pharmacies and health food stores which aid in various aspects of health (organ health, immunity, bone health etc).

We have sports supplements to boost physical performance/recovery, such as creatine, protein, amino acids and various stimulants, these are often found in supplement stores.

The use of both of these categories of supplements is rampant. The vitamin industry is massive despite evidence showing little to no benefit when consumed unless you’re deficient in any particular substance.

Nootropics and cognitive enhancing substances represent the next frontier.

Our brains are arguably our most important asset, so why would we not put the same effort into taking care of them?

Especially in society today, we have an aging population and neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons are on a steep incline.

The foods we eat lack necessary nutrients, the lifestyles we lead add constant stress and the information that we are constantly consuming via the internet and social media means are brains are always switched on, always comparing and never resting.

Our society is being forced to do more, to become more productive, create more output, work longer hours, focus harder.

It’s all converging to one point.

The brain is the next machine we need to enhance and to optimise to be able to handle this ever changing world.

Our rate of technological progress is following an exponential trend. The world is changing far quicker than our human biology can keep up.

The only way to make it through is to ensure our brains and our body are progressing exponentially too. This means looking at new tools to enhance the body, and ways to modulate our neurochemistry.

This is the small part that Neuratech will have to play in this cognitive revolution.

We cannot wait to continue on this journey and share all our progress as we go. This is just the beginning.

As a bit of a thank you for following my blogs and keeping up to date with all that we have been doing, and also as a bit of a celebration of our launch, I’d like to give 10% off our pre-launch sales for Enhance.

Simply use the code “ENHANCE10” for 10% off Enhance here.

Filip Saric

Written by

Founder of Neuratech. Mechanical Engineer.

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