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That’s like asking a scientist why he’s experimenting with new technology if something already exists out there that does the job well enough.

Not at all. In fact, it’s the reverse. There is new research in magic, ESP, and other phenomena going on as we speak. The old methods are deprecated, for many reasons:

  • We lack the societal superstition people of the past had.
  • We understand the mechanisms “magic” relies on much better. At a psychological, societal, and physiological level.
  • Many of the old methods are simply inefficient when compared to modern alternatives.
  • More often than not, people misunderstand the role of the ritual entirely. The “telephone” metaphor comes to mind. It’s not only completely out of line with the well-proven modern understanding of the mind, but also misinformation, as that’s not at all how these phenomena work.
We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t seek to push the boundaries of what was possible. Who knows, in 5 years a quantum theorist might publish a book explaining the science behind magick.

Very doubtful. If anything, the science is already progressing rather steadily towards that end, and we have a vast array of studies to reference.

Of course, I’m not a scientist, and I claim no intricate knowledge of any of those topics. However, it is factually true that ESP phenomena, such as telepathy and telekinesis are entirely real.

The problem arises when people ascribe meaning to them, when there is none — it’s there, we can tell it’s real, but that doesn’t mean we need to immediately say “I SAW A GOD THE GOD IS REAL”.

99.9% of all magicians wouldn’t be able to distinguish between a vision that is true, and one that’s merely the product of their mind.

Paradigms and religions are labels people put on something they don’t understand;

No, they’re not.

that’s not a bad thing because belief triggers the emotion.

You’ve got it reverse. Emotional vulnerabilities cause people to go out and “fill” those gaps with make-believe.

And that, sometimes, can lead to rather nasty results, as you can see in my recent article here.

But one isn’t better than the other because it’s older or has more rules, but some have to find something to be self righteous about.

One is better than the other because it’s newer and still abides by the scientific method.

The other is older, and while still functional, it’s comparatively inefficient, clunky, and relies on presuppositions which we simply cannot, in good conscience, make.

People have believed in a power greater than what we know for as long as we have records, there is magick in that even though you might not label it as such.

Sure, although as the Beast said: “the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will”.

There is not one word about accepting the reality of the phenomena referenced during ritual. In fact, it’s easily provable that the LBRP, or any ritual soever, is no more than fancy psychodrama, aimed at achieving changes in one’s own mind…

Which we can do using modern methods in a much faster, easier, and significantly safer way.

And after all, the LBRP works just as well for GD as it does the IOT.

I fail to see the point that you’re making. A play is a play, regardless of whether the actors are European or Asian.

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