A Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Abet Him: January 13th Mass Ritual

Thanks for the laugh. People who take this stuff seriously should absolutely go back to basics, and educate themselves on persuasion, self-suggestion, neuropsychology, and consciousness/perception research. And the anthropology/ history of magic.

Now, while I don’t believe that magical thinking is in any extent a good idea, it’s worth noting that in the recently uploaded CIA documents regarding Remote Viewing, results with telekinesis were reported — which might indeed be a method to consider, rather than relying on make-believe woo.

From an ethical perspective, while I am fine with people applying self-deception in order to feel better about themselves, it is very hard for me to condone such actions, due to them suggesting and supporting self-deception in the audience of such writing.

Now, for the actual magical thinking:

I don’t see any reference to the astrological significance of the time specified. For one, the tarot is intrinsically connected with astrology, and the authors don’t specify the actual astrological time to perform this operation.

Secondly, there is no specified opening or closing of the ritual, which implies that whoever the audience is, they’re already liminal towards that end. Which in turn clearly means that the people who play with this stuff… will become even more fanatical about it, by virtue of repetition whilst liminal.

Furthermore… “this working has an embedded self-exorcism. Just peforming it will result in a lightening of the spirit, an easing of tension, and a banishing of the gnawing Trumpian egregore.”

A “lightening” of the spirit, and an easing of tension are a natural result of ritual and trance (or, liminal states, whatever you want to call them). The claim that there is an egregore (in the metaphysical sense) is dubious at best.

All of this is just… tough to take seriously, regardless of whether you’re more prone towards reasonable, intelligent discussion, or the study of magic, whether for practical application or anthropological reasons.

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