Independent news website Denník N in 2018 (infographic)

In 2015, Slovak journalists launched a newspaper and news website, Denník N — and I’m glad to be part of it.

Most of the revenue comes from digital subscriptions, now we have 30,000 subscribers. This infographic shows how we did in 2018.

Our main focus is on longer in-depth stories and you can see it: number of published articles is decreasing while their length is growing.

Since 2018 we have more readers on mobile devices than on desktop. We have launched our own podcast and we have created several newsletters. Much more readers are receiving our mobile notifications.

Every year of our existence Denník N has received more journalistic prizes than all other media combined.

Today we have 60 employees and we already have a new website in the Czech Republic, Deník N.

We also developed open-source tools to help publishers understand and monetize their audience better, market their content and sell their services — Remp.

We would like to thank our subscribers. Thanks to them we can do independent and quality journalism.

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Media reporter, analyst, and editor at Slovak news website @dennikn.

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