Let kindness and compassion guide you! Tribe of Mentors #1

Tribe of Mentors

Tribe of Mentors is the latest Tim Ferriss’ book. 
As always, the content and lessons inside this book are life changing!

I’ve read Tools of Titans in the past (check my review here) and I loved it.
I couldn’t stop myself from buying his new book Tribe of Mentors.

The best way to describe what you will find in this book is exactly the sub-title of it “Short Life Advice from the best in the Word”.

I’m going to post regularly about this book. My plan is to share my favourite insights, stories and answers that I found. Anyway, I definitely recommend you to buy the book! There’s way, way more than what I will share here!

The first interview I read, made me going back to an old habit that was very important to me. Journaling. That’s how powerful this book is. It makes you change, for better!

Let’s just start!

Samin Nosrat is a famous chef whose existence I didn’t know of! She wrote a New York Times bestseller “Salt Fat Acid Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking”.

Here’s what she said about failing, that I must stick into my head:

“I have had so many spectacular failures, but looking back, I can see how each of them led me a little closer to doing what I actually wanted to do.”
— Samin Nosrat

Her advice to a college student about to enter the real world made me think and take action. Anyway, if you are already in the real world, you should consider this too!

“When in doubt, let kindness and compassion guide you. And don’t be afraid to fail.”
-Samin Nosrat

After reading this sentence, probably more than 5 times, I went to my room and grabbed a journal. And I started practising kindness and compassion, by wishing to 2 or 3 people a lot of happiness! The challenge is to wish happiness to someone you don’t enjoy that much or that made you suffer in the past.

I’ve been journaling since the day I read that interview. I usually write down random thoughts, gratitude practises, kindness exercises, etc.

And I leave with this quote:

“The more clear I am about what my goals are, the more easily I can say no.”
-Samin Nosrat

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