Week 1

Class one was a very chilled day in which we all got to knew each other in class. I already knew Connie the teacher, but most of my classmates I had never met before, so it was great to see new faces and get familiarized with work I hadn’t seen before. It is always and inspiration to see other student work and see what other brilliant minds are attending AAU.

We didn’t do any work, but learned to mix the Cyanotype chemicals and Connie. We got a little demo using one of the teachers negatives and an old coated substrate (which worked pretty well and its not supposed to). We got a feel of what it was being in the darkroom, and it was dark…

I did some research on what Cyanotypes were, and they look very interesting, and not all of them are blue. Nice…

First impressions: I AM EXCITED….!!!

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