Week 10

This week we had Niniane Kelly come in to class. Her work is amazing, although the process she uses is Gum printing, which have found that I don’t particularly like, it suits her work very well and of course, it is her specialty.

She was very helpful in explaining in detail how she works with this process and all adjacent techniques from the type of brushes/ pigments and brand, paper type that she uses and more. She also explained the work flow on how she prints each individual layer and her exposure times for each colored pigment. It was very interesting to her her talk and see her work in person as it has a very different feel when seen online.

Because Niniane came to class, I made an effort in attempting 4 little gum prints and show them to class and to her and see what she had to say.

(Left) Gum with pigment on Canson Mix Media back of paper (Right) Gum no pigment on Canson Mix Media Paper

The two gums on the LEFT were built by a 20min Gum exposure, followed by a 5 min Black pigment layer (0.25"), then a 10 min Burnt Sienna pigment layer (0.25"), and finally a 10 min Burnt Umber pigment layer (0.25"). All these were exposed in the coffin. The two gums on the RIGHT were built by 4 layers where 3 were 11 mins exposure of gum no pigment and the last layer was a Black pigment layer diluted in an extra 12ml of Dichromate and 0.25" pigment.

We also had our tintype demo which unfortunately was a fail and we were not sure why. We did extended exposure times in the enlarger and longer developer times, but nothing came up and our plates came out empty.

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