Week 11

This week was open lab. Connie was not here, she was in New York and we had to work on our final for Gum prints, or a final on another process and or Tintype tests. I worked on my Tintypes which came up to a fail as well as I was getting almost nothing, or very dark prints.

Tintype tests in Darkroom C

I coated and re-coated many times but still the prints we taking very long. I was using also slides that i had bought on ebay and really wanted to see the photos on this process.

Because these were not working I decided to work on some more cyanotypes that would possibly become my final due in two weeks.

Canson mis media paper 11 min exposures in coffin on back of paper
Canson mix media Back of paper 12 min exposure in coffin

I like the photos but the back of the paper did not yield the same tones as the front. even developed in a 1:10 vinegar solution the images were very washed out, but it wasn’t too bad because I intend to tone them or paint on them…

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