Week 14

So this week it is open lab day so we can work on our final projects… I decided to make a hand made book of the Ai Weiwei exhibition at Alcatraz.

These were the digital files I took of the exhibition and the ones I will be implementing in the book. I will be printing them in the Tintype process. to be able to make these into that process i had to send these files to Gamma Tech so they were made into slides I could project from the enlargers.

I also wanted to write fictional texts to accompany each image. I love writing stories, and that's exactly what I did. Here is an example of one of the texts.

Once i got the slides, I started working on the images in Darkroom C and troubleshooting any problems that came up, and there were a LOT of problems.

Tintype test strips
Final Tintypes

After this I had to start working on the book, the ordering of my images and the actual making of the book. I decided to go with a Coptic bind just because it looked beautiful.

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