Week 3

I came up with a new project, a personal one working with self portraits. I thought the medium would be appropriate to tell some kind of story. Lets hope it does…

With images and negatives ready I went into the darkroom and it was so much fun. I was still very slow in there, and spent 12 hours in darkness accompanied by the yellow safe light (apparently it should be red, but it’s what we’ve got).

And this is one of my strip tests which didn’t work too well because the paper was not very good.

After we brought our tests to class, and went through problems in technique or negatives or anything really (it was a critique session), we went back into the darkroom with Connie and she showed us how to develop Cyanotypes in two solutions of vinegar. This objectively should help your images have more mid-tones and not be so contrasty. There was pure vinegar, and 1:10 diluted vinegar. The smell was intense….

These were the results:

This toning technique didn’t work for my images because my negatives did not have enough density so there weren’t enough mid-tones to pull out.

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