Who am I

My name is Filipa, and I am a Masters Photography student at Academy of Art University (AAU).

I am originally from Portugal where I was born and raised, and at the age of 18 moved to London, UK. I did my undergraduate degree in Graphic and Media Design and specialized in the area of “information” design where I had to deal with posters, flyers and book design.

Like most people fresh out of university, I graduated and fell into that dreaded situation of unemployment. As I started looking for work, I understood that most graphic related jobs were not what I was expecting and that I wanted to go in a different direction. I started playing around with my DSLR, and before I knew it I was working as a real estate photographer for an up and coming start-up.

With no hesitation, I understood that photography was what I wanted to do professionally, and the only way that I was going to be happy was if I was behind the camera. And now, here i am, writing this blog about my life behind and in front of the camera…

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