They dropped the birthday cake…

Last week it was Chrome Dev Summit — the web-highlight of the year. It’s the yearly event where the worlds most popular browser, takes the scene to talk about the today and tomorrow of the web. Tons of great content, exciting announcements and time to talk to friends (new and old) and Google engineers. In this blogpost I’ll walk through the highlights as seen from my (slightly commerce-focused) perspective.


Visbug is a new Chrome-extension for fiddling with layout-stuff on the web. Its a point-and-click experience where you can easily edit any text or its style, see how thing align and…

Going all modern/native with an offline PWA using javascript modules, I had some problems getting the serviceworker cache to work as intended with es6 modules.

For my future self or anybody else googling around I thought I would write up on my findings quickly.

To use native modules the main-file must be loaded from a script-tag with a type=”module” attribute on it. But it turns out that script[type=module] makes a different kind of request to the server (specifically the mode+credentials parts).

Two different requests for the same file

This means that when we try to match that request against the cache, with cache.match(event.request), it won’t match the…

I sidste uge var jeg sammen med +7000 udviklere til Googles årlige udviklerkonference i Californien. Som altid er det årets tekniske højdepunkt startende med en keynote efterfulgt af 3 dage med tekniske sessions fra morgen til aften om alt mellem himmel ogjord. Det er en god anledning til at lave status på frontend i 2018, og et kig ind i fremtiden — med et ekstra fokus på e-commerce.

Progressive Web Apps

Snakken om offline first og progressive web apps har stået på et par år, men med en nylig iOS support er det pludseligt blevet meget mere relevant i Danmark.

TL:DR; demo, source - on npm as element-router

It probably won’t come as a big surprise but I’m a big fan of the web and standards. I’m pretty excited about where browsers are going, and how thats going to change the landscape of frameworks and libraries. We’ve seen this before with browsers adopting features from jQuery like querySelector and promises. Frameworks started relying on components as their main building-block, which pushed the browsers to include webcomponents. …

TL:DR: Find the componentComponent on GitHub here:

With the introduction of Angular (2+), I was introduced to new concepts like static code analysis and all the glorious benefits of tree-shaking, AOT-compilation etc. I was amazed!

But then I realised, that meant a good bye to my AngularJS habbits of just creating a template string at runtime and then parsing it — to dynamically create content that is controlled by the server.

With Rc.4 (I believe) we got the magic sauce to dynamically create Components at runtime. I wrote a little wrapper component around that, the componentFactoryResolver. …

Last week in Lisbon, I spoke about how to use Angular outside the more common scenario of line of business applications.

So.. we really wanna use the new shiny angular, we want to build a Single-Page-Application so we can animate page-transitions, but we still want the CMS to control routes and templates (we have many and they change all the time). We also want the CMS-editor to be in control of the pages content and render unknown rows of dynamic content. How can we remain this level of flexibility while compiling our templates Ahead-Of-Time (AOT).

Last week at an Angular…

I forrige uge holdt Google deres udvikler-konference i Mountain View, Californien. Jeg havde fornøjelsen af at være med igen, og kunne glæde mig over mere fokus på web og en række spændende produkt-lanceringer.

Mig og Sundar…

Mobile first to AI first

I den store keynote talte Googles CEO, Sundar Pichai, (det er ham på billedet — altså ham på scenen, ham i forgrunden er mig) om et mentalt skift, han omtalte som “Mobile first to AI first”. Hvor vi igennem de seneste år har lært os selv at tænke mobile-first, når vi designer oplevelser og produkter, udfordrer Sundar os altså til at tænke “AI First”. Men hvad betyder…

Filip Bech-Larsen

Google Dev Expert and Software Development Manager at @IMPACTdigitaldk

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