So, I heard you want a job in Germany… part 2

I wrote another post about my experience living and working in Berlin so far here. If you think that Germany or Berlin is interesting for you, here follows some tips on how to find a tech job here.

Tech jobs in Berlin

Berlin has one of the most thriving and growing startup scene in Europe and in the whole world. There are a lot of tech startups companies in several areas. There are also many coworking spaces, Meetups and events related to startups. There is also a lot of VC capital concentrated in the city, making the best city in Germany (and possibly in Europe) for startups. Yet you will still find a lot of startups and more established companies in Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt (among other cities too).

Most jobs openings in tech here in Berlin are being offered by startup companies. Most of them are very international, having people all over the world and using english as the company spoken language, very few companies actually asks for german speaker candidates (unless you are into sales, marketing or on leading positions). As regarding to skills, these are the most wanted skills for a web developer in Berlin, in this order:

  • Ruby on Rails: yes, Berlin startups loves Ruby on Rails, and is by far the most wanted skill for a developer, they are even building new products with RoR (lucky me, as I’m a RoR developer);

So if you have the skills and experience in any of those languages you can probably find a nice job in a Berlin startup. But there are also many openings for DevOps, Data Scientists, QA engineers, UI and UX designers, Digital Marketing and User Acquisition. Now it is just a matter of finding the right job for you.

Finding a job

Many people think about in coming to Germany with a tourist visa and look for a job while here. Although that can be done, if you actually manage to find a job you will have to go back to your country and issue a work visa from there (unless you are a EU citizen, in that case you don’t need a visa). In this case, you can issue a job seeking visa in the german consulate in your country, which is valid for 3 months. With this visa, if you manage to find a job in Germany, you can issue a work visa without leaving Germany. This is a very good alternative, specially because many other issues like finding an apartment, choosing the best area of the city to live and making your anmeldung, which can be easier resolved if you are already here. But if you want to find a job while still in your home country and even while working in your current job, you have many alternatives.

  • LinkedIn: make a good profile and mark yourself as open to oportunities, many recruiters are looking for candidates on LinkedIn, and they are mostly connected with each other, get connected with one ASAP (connect with me there;


Finding a job in Berlin in the tech industry is just a matter of time. Even of you are unexperienced (but have the right skills) you may find a good job position here. If you want any tips on how to get a job here, please connect with me in LinkedIn or Xing and send me a message there! I will be more than happy to help you out!