Should Apple drop the headphone jack?

The amount of complaining going on about Apple dropping the headphone jack is driving me crazy. This is not an Apple fan rant, I bought my first iPhone two years ago and my first Mac three years ago.

Let’s just consider the opposite fact: other companies are NOT thinking about reinventing headphone jacks. This is not because they don’t want to penalize you, the consumer, with non-standard connectors. Seriously. Samsung doesn’t care whether your can use your phone charger on your PlayStation controller or not, they are simply shipping some technology to you because it happens to be what other companies are shipping. It might just be the path of least resistance.

The second thing to realize is that it’s much easier to just go with the flow. Yes, companies want to please customers but short-term decisions that increase quarterly sales are taken much more seriously than design changes that will take years to have an impact.

Companies like Apple were bold enough to embrace the pain of innovation. They made peace with things like consumer and media backlash a long time ago. Their conviction comes from a company culture that supports long-term actions and risk-taking over short-term results and playing it safe. That is part of why Apple is worth half a trillion dollars.

So rock on, Apple. Nobody needs permission to innovate.