Make a portfolio

Makeafolio is a cryptocurrency management platform with a difference. By taking the guesswork out of portfolio management and blockchain investment, we can offer the single most all-inclusive ecosystem, allowing you to track, manage, compare, and invest with ease and clarity.

Makeafolio ( Make a portfolio) is a company that lets you invest in your favorite cryptocurrencies and manage them in a single platform.

Create own Portfolio

Users can create their portfolios from scratch using the MAF create feature. The feature will also allow users to copy or adjust the portfolios on the leaderboard. To create a portfolio a user first deposits their amount of Bitcoin, Litecoin or Etherium that is converted into MAF tokens. The system then automatically converts the MAF tokens to the user`s desired portfolios using the correct percentages after they make the token selections and diversification ratios.

Once a portfolio is created, users can access the health and performance of their portfolios using the MAF track tool that has important information about the portfolio such as the token name, the total value of the token, amount and current price of the token and finally its performance in the past 24 hours.

To make the process as simple and easy as it can be and to give users a top-notch experience, Makeafolio introduced the following services on its platform.

· MAF Mentorship Program — Beginners and intermediaries who don’t have advanced knowledge of the cryptocurrency market and its trade can sign up for the mentorship program. MAF mentors are experts in the field who themselves have a portfolio and have achieved a lot of the platform

· MAF Social — It would be great to learn how others building up their portofilio and what is trendy among other MAF users. MAF social is a service on the MAF platform where users can share statuses of their favorite tokens, daily updates of the crypto world.

· MAF Directory — Just like, MAF dedicated directory is where you will be able to get information about the current value, trade volume and other statistics of tokens.

· MAF PAY- Most times, it becomes scary moving your funds from one wallet to another. A simple mistakes as a missing letter or muber or wrong number or letter in your hexadecimal address can result to loss of funds. MAFPAY eliminates this risk by asking users to deposit their funds into their MAKEAFOLIO wallet from which they can proceed to sending the funds to the initial destination address. To make it as safe as possible , users will be required to send a small amount to the destination address. Once the transaction is verified, the initial transaction will then proceed.

Through the platform users can easily create and diversify, their portfolios into a variety of different tokens at the same time using the MAF create tool.


The platform has tutorial, mentorship programs and social features that enable users to easily grasp concepts about cryptocurrency investments thefore becoming experts in a short period.

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