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Good morning, world, and happy Tuesday!

One last time we great each other through the Cookbook (more on that later). Here’s the good stuff from the last two weeks.

Non-Travel Starters

Facebook announced Messaging as Platform at F8, their developer conference. The journos are not impressed with the first chat bots, which aim at connecting users and businesses in a scaleable way. I disagree with that statement, but I believe we all agree that Zuck has taken the tech executive role to a whole new level — with a statesmanlike emotional messaging at the beginning of the keynote, Zuck shared Facebook’s 10 year horizon (below).

10 year plan.

Elon Musk must have had his best week at the end of March/beginning of April. Not only did Tesla’s Model 3 reach 400,000 pre-orders, but also his Space X landed its Falcon on a dime… well, on a floating drone ship. If it is all successful, the same Falcon 9 will be back in space in 3–4 months. Wow. Link.

Bids for Yahoo! should be in and the word is that more than 40 companies were interest in Yahoo’s diverse assets — from PE firms to media companies (The Daily Mail). We might see a change of ownership in the near future and I have a feeling that the winner might be coming from China. I could be wrong. Link.

Netflix and Amazon are going head to head now, with Amazon releasing a stand alone Prime Video membership in a direct battle with Hasting’s company. Ultimately, it will come down to who has more content — either sourced, or produced in their own studios. Netflix is winning for now, but whoever signs with Disney (and owns ESPN rights to distribute sports) might land a knock-out in this battle. Link.


AirBnB is going into the emerging markets via strategic partnerships. After Cuba (pretty much a strategic partnership with the White House), Times of India will spread the word in the world’s biggest democracy. Link.

Hipmunk got another round of financing in a brutal down-round market — it raised $6M from current investors, topping its total to $47M. Congrats to Adam and team. Link.

A BA Airbus might have been hit by a drone near LHR. Seriously, we need regulation here and fast. Link.

Dessert (or Stats)

500: Goals scored by Lionel Messi in official soccer games. That’s in 632 games over 11 years.

73: wins in a single season by the Warriors, unseating another great team (Bulls’96).

60: points scored by Kobe Bryant in his last official game of basketball, retiring at 37 and leaving a mark in the history of sports.

42: times around the world for the Queen, or so claims last minute. Interesting travel patterns. Link.

0: tech stats in this last Cookbook edition. :)

Some Cool Reading (Watching)

Bot or Not? My thinking on why bots are revolutionary, not just evolutionary and going a bit against the tech wind that says it is too early. (9 min). Link.

New distribution channels fall outside of the App Store search — don’t think app store distrubition, think cards, systems, and embedded services. (6 min). Link.

Coach Bill Campbell passed away and the industry mourns the loss of a friend, coach, and advisor. His legacy runs so deep that John Doerr said Coach Bill has been the most influential person in the Bay Area, having provided advice and guidance to almost all CEOs of today’s tech giants. bhorowitz takes a personal view to share his thoughts. (3 min). Link.

An old footage from 1997, which I am sure a lot of you have seen. Worth the watch again — Steve Jobs talks about products in changing environments. (16 min). Think Different. Link.

Goodbye Cookbook

After 7 years of writing the Cookbook (on and off and with different frequencies, at its peak a daily edition), I think that #50 Medium post is a good break point to say goodbye and thank you for spending the time reading my news snippets.

Over the years, I have published more than 350 Cookbooks (blog, email, and here) which have been read close to 200K times. I’d like to focus on more thoughtful, longer pieces, with less frequency to engage in a conversation with you.

I’d also love to help Iveta R-Filipov build her amazing app 2HealthApp (Available on Android, iOS soon — download and spread the ♥ with your friends. ). More on that to come.

So, please do continue reading and thank you for the journey.



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