Debunking An Airbnb Fraud Attempt: How I Almost Fell For A Scam

Thank Cern for this precious investigation.

Frauds are now so common that I had to hire a person to check the net and this is how I find out about you!

I wish to highlight that have nothing to do with Rob Host from Chicago and will report this to Airbnb (where by the way I do have some of my properties listed). I want to make this very clear as on your text you quote: “The so called Rob Host from Chicago is indeed Filippo Gaggiafrom Venice, Italy, a real estate investor, luxury & short rental property owner and specialist” which is obviously NOT TRUE and could be misleading for someone reading.

Thank god there are some wise people like you that don’t get hooked on incredible deals and the funny part is that some guests will blame the fault not on Airbnb but on owners!!!

Should you ever want to come to venice contact me at or should you prefer to respond privately please use this email and I will be glad to assist you directly

As you seem a very good investigator please keep me updated if anything new comes up on myself and once again…grazie!!!

Ciao from Venezia,


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