The Beginning, the Mind and the Enthusiasm

A friend of mine who is a marathon runner once told me that he is never more certain of how far he is from the finish line than when he can actually see it, and for him it is always the hardest section of the run. Putting it the other way around, you are closest to your goal when it seems farthest away. But there is always the beginning and everybody needs it. Most successful people had a beginning and you need one! It’s part of every story. Things you do now are sections of the road to the success and while some sections are bumpy others are smooth. In any case you are combination of your past experiences with people, things, feelings, beginnings, successes and failings. They are material built in the path to success. Do not underestimate the material, appreciate it, everything has its own importance!

The mind is floating, it needs to think, to solve problems, always hanging on the past and future, neglecting the present moment. But you can’t live in the future, nor the past, you only live in the present and the funny thing is that most of us forget that. It is like you are talking on the phone while standing in front of a wall, on which images are projected, images that are snaps of your memories and dreams for the future. You are seeing those images, as they change with every passing second, you want some of them to comeback, to see them again, to take them with you but you can’t, because they don’t exist. In meantime you are unconsciously moving the phone behind your ear and slowly loosing the chance to make the best of that conversation. Those images of you being at home, with your girlfriend, at a party, on a beach, they are just images. Nothing of that is happening now, it already happened or it will happen in future, near or distant, but for the moment you are here, not there. That is why we need to fully enjoy the moment, enjoy what you are and what you do, because you can’t enjoy the thing you want to be, you can’t enjoy the future. The moment is the most valuable thing you have and being aware of that is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Another thing is the Enthusiasm. There are many definitions about Enthusiasm but my favorite is the one I made up, it is simple; Enthusiasm is the main ingredient of success. So if you want to be successful in the things you are doing, never let go of your enthusiasm, it is the most powerful thing you have. It keeps peoples spirits going, without enthusiasm our spirits would be amputated and there is nothing worse than amputated spirit. Being someone who has everything except enthusiasm is tragic. Having enthusiasm in every moment is living the moment to the fullest.

At the end remember that while for some one year is long time for others is just one circle around the sun.

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