Design is also fashion: I’ve tried many times in the past to talk about the above topics. People…

From experience I can say that it all comes to you and your approach. I remember having similiar dillema, clients didn’t want to hear the harsh truth about the process and problems we want to solve. So I took the shortcut and tried to fill that void with pretty images. At the end noone was really happy. I knew that something was missing from the final prduct and after a while clients also noticed that pretty is not enough. I know it comes with experience but currently I am doing my best to force the research and problem-solving approach on clients I work with, a lot of the times the final effect is not that mind blowing (in terms of visual style) but the feeling of the end product and the benefit of client understanding how much work went into the final product is something that cannot be overlooked.

As Ira Glass once said ( — As long as we see we still lack something to be ‘perfect’ it’s the sign of our good taste, hopefully with enough work, overtime, we can hit that ‘perfect’ spot. ☺

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