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Arsenal fan here. Congrats to Spurs for finishing above us, however, let’s make two things clear: Spurs’ style of playing is effective, modern and, at times, fun to watch. Beautiful game it’s not. City and Arsenal will both finish behind the Spurs this year and both probably won’t win any trophies (like the Spurts, btw), but they both, again, at times this year, played real pretty soccer (Man City definitely more than Arsenal). The Spurs are kinda like Chelsea light, without one amazing talent (Hazard) to really make it worth watching.

Secondly, their biggest asset is their coach, who is perfect for this team, as it is a young squad that’s easy to mold. Players love Poch and he indeed gets the best of them. Individually, at the beginning of the season, I would not take a single player from the Spurs team, save Toby, Dier and Kane. But as a team, right now, they’re miles ahead of us.

Keep up the good work. Maybe next year you’ll be able to win the EPL…