One wise point offered on the Guardian podcast is that Giroud is consistently chosen over Lacazette…
Dan Lennon

Don’t worry — Giroud’s not going anywhere. He’ll start a bunch of games and be the first player off the bench if we need a goal, like last year. It’s pretty clear that Wenger and Giroud have a great relationship and I think Giroud will give it a shot for one more year, possibly to win the title together. Welbz will have to adjust as well, if the manager wants to stick with 3–4–2–1, however I think that he might go between that formation and 4–2–3–1, depending on the available midfielders (and whether Caz is available or not). Theo’s gone though and I can’t believe Im saying this but i’ll miss him. He was the first Arsenal signing after I seriously started following the club and has been there for a long time now. He’s probably off to West Ham, as they’re itching to spend on forwards.

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