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Someone mentioned this movie yesterday on the Guy Ritchie’s film’s review response board and I replied. Then I watched it again last night (thank you HGO GO). It’s one of my favourite films of all time, I saw it in theaters when it came out (with my dad, I was in first grade) and I could still, after all these years, watch it again, whenever it’s on. One thing you didn’t mention, and I thought crucial, was the music. It adds mysterious and grandiose feeling to the affair, it is ominous and foreboding throughout. One of the best scenes, of course, is the rebirth of the legendary knights, riding together in their shiny armors through said lush green forests, white petals swirling around them and Carmina Burana’s crescendo blasting eventually and triumphantly. It is a moving, pretty and powerfull moment allowing for the ensuing redemption to be felt visually, if that makes sense.

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