The Time I will remember again

Remember again

Pieces of life, moments of mine, trying engaging your eyes, you site.

I seen you for the first time, glowing under the sun,

on a railway station. 😀

I felt i know you, thing and thread were connecting that time, but it was the first time.

without any fear i hugged you, cold and shivering inside.

Didn’t let the nervousness ruin my time.

Smiles on both faces, emotion were running inside, like in a ocean of tides.

Emotion we were sharing, wearing smiles on faces,

i wish i could have did this long back in time.

I remember the time, under the sun shine,

your eyes were gazing on me, i had a blissful smile.

Your Eyes,

I remember the time holding hands, and walking miles.

I am feeling those moments of mine.

making you smile, the only though running inside,

My hands were cold, i dried my throat,

When i meet you for the first time.

The Life story continued…