Backpage has just eliminated all Adult Ads. This is both chaotic and a huge opportunity.

Backpage has succumbed to the pressure of the likes of liberal California Attorney General Kamal Harris who has pursued them to no end. This just proves first and foremost that when democrats have full control they still torture the careers of people that support them.

Heres what needs to happen with our industry now:

  1. Sex workers need to band together like never before and operate a central site where we can advertise and communicate without fear of being persecuted or robbed of our future.
  2. Finally agree to a core set of standards for ourselves and our community to protect our interests and have all participating sex workers abide by these set rules so as to be reputable and not harm our industry as a whole.
  3. Have safety standards to protect ourselves and make sure we are able to operate as freely as possible with reduced fear and increased communication with clients, and other sex workers. We need a better screening service for our entire industry.
  4. Unionize informally to provide better rates for all business activities for ourselves including equipment, transaction services, publication tools etc.
  5. Operate a rating system for locations, clients, vendors so that we can operate at a high level and control our businesses and future.

Please comment so we can finally set aside any grievances and walls between us to move forward and help each other in this moment of chaos.